The problems

The problems




We owe everything we have achieved as individuals and as a nation to the freedom that Democracy grants us. We are part of the 1% of humanity during 10,000 years of civilization to have lived in a democratic, majority-rules country. While the political system in the U.S. can be maddening, puzzling, frustrating– it is also very special. When Democracy is threatened, our freedom and opportunities are threatened. And we are currently facing one of the worst threats to Democracy our nation has faced in over 240 years.


We want the world to be a better place. So we fight for issues and policies that we believe will lift up humanity, protect the vulnerable, save the environment and bring more peace to a conflict-ridden world. And we participate in our Democracy as the path to fight for our issues.


But have you noticed how we have not been winning many battles since 2010?


Are we supporting unpopular issues or has something happened to our democratic system?


Do you want to start making progress on the issues that so desperately need progress instead of playing defense and protesting and crying and being upset?


Then it’s time you understand The Hard Truth.


The Hard Truth is that Democrat party will NEVER govern again. Never.* (*Unless they change strategies.)


The huge coalition that gave us the 2008 Obama wave led many of us to believe we would achieve real gains for the world and our country. The Democrats secured its role as our country’s governing party. Democrats held a super-majority in the Senate (60-40 advantage), a significant House of Representatives majority and twice as many Blue governed states versus Red. Political experts were looking at the demographic changes ahead of us and noting the Democratic party advantage would grow steadily, giving the Democrats an enduring majority.


By 2009, Republicans understood they had now become the minority party, perhaps permanently. But instead of coming up with better policies to attract more voters, Republicans found a way to govern with the support of a shrinking minority of voters. And most people– including most elected Democrats– still haven’t grasped the changes they’ve enacted.


Because of this, Democratic strategies since 2010 to win elections and govern again have been destined to fail.

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