It’s Time to Focus on Saving Democracy

It’s Time to Focus on Saving Democracy

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Those who subscribe to this blog, or who follow either our Facebook page or our suspended Twitter account (see, it’s not just Trump and insurrectionists!), or who have read Common Sense Democracy founder Haven Scott McVarish’s book, Last Chance to Save American Democracy, may have wondered where we’ve been since the book’s release last October and why this blog and our social media pages have been relatively quiet.

In truth, there were a myriad of reasons, and we wanted to briefly address some of those reasons so as to reassure any followers of this blog and our social media that we have not gone anywhere nor have we abandoned the cause even though, admittedly, our internet presence has been a bit quiet of late.

Part of it was simply that, for a variety of reasons not worth going into detail about here, the publication of the book had been delayed. It had originally been planned to be released in the late spring to early summer of 2020, and it ended up getting released in October. But while all the reasons for the delay aren’t worth getting into right here and now, the result of that delay is. The result is that a part of the action plan leading up to the election on Nov. 3 that’s discussed in the later part of the book had become outdated—specifically the part of the plan leading up to the election. And then, of course, once Election Day arrived the drama began. Not only were we in for a very long week of waiting in serious suspense, with plenty of folks on social media pronouncing doom (i.e., the reelection of Trump) at various points along the way, even after the race had finally been called the ordeal was far from over. That’s when the baseless allegations of election fraud began in full force and didn’t let up. On top of that we didn’t know yet if the Democrats were going to win the Senate due to the runoff in Georgia. Then came that fateful day on Jan. 6.

Finally came President Biden’s inauguration and while everyone breathed a sigh of relief that day—and many even shed tears of relief and release—the second impeachment still lay ahead and that, too, was consuming everyone’s attention. We got the outcome which we expected for the impeachment, unfortunately, but now that it’s past it may finally be a good time to bring people’s attention to a truly urgent threat that, should it come to pass, would dwarf all others that we have seen with regards to Trump, specifically, and what’s been going on in Washington in general. All the claims of election fraud and even the insurrection, as horrible as they were, would pale in comparison.

That threat is the unraveling of our democracy. No, we should say the ongoing unraveling of our democracy, a process which has been on its current aggressive trajectory since 2010 and has been implemented by none other than the Grand Old Party using what Haven calls, in his book, the 4 Weapons Against Democracy.

Now that recent events which had been seizing everyone’s attention have passed, it’s time to focus (or refocus) on saving democracy. Should we fail to do this, should we choose to do nothing, the unraveling of our democracy will likely reach fruition in November of 2022. And if there’s one thing about this that we really want to stress, it is that this is not hyperbole

We don’t plan on doing nothing. We plan on fighting. We plan on resuming the action plan discussed in the book, and there’s a lot of it (most of it, in fact) that remains as timely and relevant now as when the book was first released.

We hope you’ll join us. Stay tuned for further blog posts and updates. And speaking of the book, since it contains the foundation for what we’ll be doing, if you haven’t read it yet we humbly recommend that you do! 


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